Autopsy reports reveal Baloch girls were killed with blunt weapons

Posted: 11:32a.m. IST, September 4, 2008

Quetta, Sept 4 (ANI): The autopsy reports of two of the five women who were buried alive in Balochistan two months ago have revealed that they were killed with blunt weapons.

The medical team headed by a senior female police surgeon issued the initial autopsy reports of the two girls killed for honour, saying that their death occurred due to wounds from blunt weapons.

Blood and hair samples and pieces of clothes of the victims have been obtained and would be sent to Lahore for a DNA test tomorrow (Thursday), said Dr Shameem Mishwani, the police surgeon.

She added that both the bodies were buried in a two-feet deep ditch far from their home and their broken skulls and ribs showed that they were badly tortured and hit in the heads with a rod or a stone, which probably caused their deaths, reported the Daily Times.

Meanwhile, the police remained completely clueless about the grave of the third girl who was also killed in the same incident. Although Islamabad-based media and human rights organisations issued a report of the killing of five girls, the actual number of girls killed was three, the paper quoted a local journalist as saying.

A committee of the federal government, headed by National Police Bureau (NPB) Director General Tariq Masood Khosa, has still not reached the area and local police was quoted as saying that the team was unlikely to arrive in Naseerabad for investigations.

The federal government team would come only if it does not have faith in the report issued by the provincial police, said Sibi-Naseerabad Range Deputy Inspector General of Police Ghulam Shabbir Sheikh, who has been in the area for the past many days.

Sheikh said that until now, the federal government had raised no objections to their report and he did not have the schedule of Khosa’s visit to Balochistan. (ANI)

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