Forced Conversion of Two Christian Girls

The Lahore Diocese Church of Pakistan has called the government’s attention to the abduction and forced conversion of two Christian girls, aged 10 and 14, in Chak Sarwar Shaheed, Muzaffargarh on June 26.

Aneela, the elder of the two sisters, was forcibly married and both girls were declared Muslim by an additional sessions judge of Muzaffargarh on July 14, while dismissing a habeas corpus petition filed by the girls’ parents.

An appeal against the decision will be heard today (September 9) in the Multan bench of the Lahore High Court.

‘Forced and fake conversions of minority girls are mostly followed by their kidnapping, leaving the victims’ parents no option but mourning’ Ayra Inderyas, Secretary of the Women’s Desk Church of Pakistan Lahore Diocese, said, adding ‘Young girls, who are unable to make informed decisions regarding marriage, are vulnerable to forced marriages.’ She said that marriages that involve kidnapping should be declared void and the girls should be handed over to their parents.

She added that the government needed to ensure equality and to safeguard the rights of minorities.


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