Pakistan: Jirga orders killing of a woman

DADU, PAKISTAN: A Jirga in Sehwan has ordered the killing of a woman allegedly involved in karo-kari. The Jirga, supervised over by a local on Monday, also asked an alleged paramour of the woman to pay 400,000 Rupees ($US 5263.16) as fine to her husband.

However, the woman escaped from the village to save her life. The Jirga declared that Qurban Rind, a youth, and Wazeeran, wife of Sobho Khan Rind, of Jalib Rind village in Sehwan, had been found guilty of developing illicit relations.

Hyderabad DIG Sanaullah Abbasi told ROD he had asked DPOs of Jamshoro and Dadu to provide security to the woman and take action against the Jirga members.

However, the Jirga head denied that he had ordered the killing of the woman. He said he held a meeting to decide a dispute concerning karo-kari between two groups of his tribe. He said he decided that Wazeeran would be divorced and Qurban would pay the fine.

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  1. zulfiqar

     /  November 8, 2012

    A good honest officer in the police department but police department will never straight


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