Youth organisations demonstrate against ‘honour’ killings

KARACHI: Activists of Sindhi Youth Forum, Lyari Friends’ Organisation, Sahar Foundation Trust and Abdur Rehman Baba Academy here on Tuesday staged a protest rally against killing of five Baloch women, under the garb of honour and tribal sanctity.

Participants of the rally comprising some 300 youth walked through Rexer Line, Old Golimar, Sangho Lane and culminated at Gutter Baghicha.

They were chanting slogans against the cold blooded murder of women in Balochistan as well as against the practice of honour killing itself which they maintained was a tool to exploit marginalized sections of the society.

The participants also carried placards inscribed with slogans against perpetrators of the crime and demand to bring to task the murderers Sahar Foundation Trust Chairman Iftikhar Ghizali regretted the queer silence of religious leaders against the incident in Balochistan and people involved in the crime.

He said those threatening to stage long march and disrupt routine life also appeared to be indifferent towards an extremely serious issue with dire consequence for women-folk of the country. Zarina Baloch of Lyari Friends’ Organization (Women’s Wing) said Balochs are protectors of honour and not its exploiters.

“It is the manipulative sardars who have adopted brutal tactics to create scare and maintain their hold on simpleton and hapless individuals,” she commented.

The activist took strong exception to inability of women legislators in the decision making bodies, selected on reserved seats, to expose Sardars (tribal chiefs) and feudal lords.

(The Post)

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