Dead Body of a Hindu Found in Daska

By Imran Mazher

DASKA, Pakistan: The body of an unknown Hindu put a local NGO in trouble with regard to how and where the body should be burnt, and who will show the fire to it.

The Bambaarwala police found a body from the BRB Daska Canal. On the right arm of the body, a few words of Hindi language are written while a sign of Tirshul is inscribed on his left arm. It was not yet confirmed if he was an Indian or a Pakistani Hindu.

The body had signs of torture, and a heavy blow to the head. Police handed over this unidentified body to a Daska based NGO “Young Blood Foundation Daska” for its burial. The NGO is known to arrange burials for unclaimed bodies.

Chairman NGO Bashir Ahmad Naz, President Tanvir Ahmad Mughal and General Secretary Haji Zahid Jahangir said that they were contacting the local Hindu Community in Sialkot to resolve this issue.

The body is shifted to Daska THQ Civil Hospital for autopsy.

Ferhan Mazher
Rays of Development Organization
Sargodha, Pakistan

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