Umrani breaks silence in Balochistan women case

Sunday, September 14, 2008

By Rauf Klasra

ISLAMABAD: Former adviser to the ex-premier Zafarullah Khan Jamali and now the absconding district Nazim of Naseerabad, Fateh Ali Umrani, broke his two months silence on Saturday and confirmed the killing of two of his women relatives in the name of honour.

He, however, added that he would use his own resources to deal with PPP Minister Sadiq Umrani, who had actually unleashed a campaign against him, as he was not involved in this crime at all.

“Listen, this is against my traditions to use the forum of media to malign or target Sadiq Umrani, as he is doing now against me. I will deal with him in my own style,” said a defiant Fateh Umrani while talking to The News by telephone.

“I am not talking about Sadiq only because my tribesmen would not appreciate, if I start targeting Sadiq and his brother Abdul Sattar in the whole affair, so I would not comment on their conduct,” he said.

He said he had defeated Sadiq Umrani in the polls four times and they had an old political enmity.

Giving his side of the story, Fateh Umrani defended his own role in the whole affair, which had shocked the country.

On Friday, Balochistan IG Asif Nawaz had claimed during the proceedings of the Senate Standing Committee on Human Rights that Fateh was not traceable since the incident occurred in his area.

Fateh told The News that this was a big lie that he had escaped, as the police never contacted him for seeking an explanation with regard to the killing of the women.

When asked whether he would voluntarily reply to the police questions, Umrani replied that he would not meet the cops, as they were posted there on the directives of Sadiq Umrani, who was now trying to implicate him to settle his own old enmity with him.

“Listen, I don’t want to attack my political opponents who are now propagating against me in the media or using the police against me, as my clan would not appreciate that. I will deal with them in my own way,” Umrani said.

Giving details of the shocking story, Fateh Umrani said actually the two women, who happened to be his relatives, were declared “Kaali” after it was confirmed that they had illicit relations with people of a different tribe.

He said both the women were killed on the spot and it was untrue that a Jirga was held to decide their fate, as was claimed by the police and reported widely in the media.

He categorically denied the holding of any family Jirga and said now, the police officials sitting in Quetta were giving statements after torturing the four accused, who were in their custody.

He confirmed that the police had arrested the right people who had actually killed those women.

When asked if those girls were Kaalis, then where were those men with whom they were caught, he replied that actually, both the men had fled, so only the women were punished.

Fateh confirmed that this was a case of honour killing but said it was untrue that the women were buried alive.

He, however, admitted that this case was not reported to the police as such honour killings were not reported to the police by the tribesmen concerned.

When asked why the father/husbands of those girls had approached the police to get registered a case, Fateh said this was untrue as no one had approached the police to get the case registered.

He said actually, the police were not informed about these killings as since the conversion of this area from B to A, the body of a murdered person had to be taken to Dera Murad Jamali for post-mortem. So, to avoid this long police formality, those women were buried without the incident being brought to the notice of the police, he added.

When asked if he was innocent, then why he disappeared from his area after the tragedy struck, he replied that he was in a city for medical treatment.

He accused the media of blowing the whole issue out of proportion as now, every TV channel was just focusing on this issue as if such kind of honour killing had only taken place in Balochistan.

He questioned why did the same media not reported such honour killings when it took place in the Punjab and Sindh where women were being killed in a similar fashion. But, he regretted, no one was talking about them at all. “Why only we are being targeted and maligned,” he asked.

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