A Young Woman Accuses Father of Incest

HYDERABAD: A 15-year-old has accused her father of molesting her for the last four to five months that has also resulted in her divorce after she told her husband about her ordeal.

Haseena, 15, resident of a village near Tando Allahyar while protesting outside the Hyderabad Press Club along with her mother, brothers and sisters told journalists that she had married a man named Meeru Solangi eight months back. Two months later, her father Ramzan brought her home and did not allow her to return to her husband. Then he molested her for the last four to five months. She told the villagers and family members but he continued with his actions. Later, when she told her husband about it, he divorced her saying that she was “useless” now.

Hasnaat, the mother, confirmed that her daughter had been molested by the father and said that when her 13-year-old son Manthar objected to his father’s actions, he was beaten up and thrown out of the house. She said that she has six children including three sons and three daughters. She said she does not wish to live with her husband anymore and want a divorce.

Aaj Kal Report

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