CMKP Statement on Fighting Religious Extremism in Pakistan

Communist Workers & Peasants Part Pakistan (CMKP_PK), Policy With Respect to Combatting Religious Extremism

1) CMKP supports the democratically elected government against the Taliban and other extremists.

2) CMKP welcomes the efforts of the democratic government to place the matter pertaining to the fight against extremism in front of the National Assembly and the people of Pakistan. In our view, any political force that does not assist in the struggle against religious extremism is committing treason to democracy.

3) CMKP calls on all progressives to ideologically expose reactionaries, extremists, and fundamentalists. We must organize the progressive movement against both religious extremism/fundamentalism and US imperialism.

4) CMKP recognizes that armed force is necessary to fight religious extremists. At the same time, there are many apprehensions regarding the military operation that cause the death and destruction of civilian life. We condemn all heavy handedness of security forces, such as the shooting of protesters in Mingora. In this regard, CMKP calls on all progressives to support the newly organized local
anti-Taliban tribal lashkars. These laskars have the possibility of turning resistance to the Taliban into a popular resistance that will be much more effective than the blunt instrument of a neo-colonial army.

5) Last but certainly not least, CMKP considers the rehabilitation of displaced people as an urgent priority. Only the proper rehabilitation of displaced people can demonstrate the commitment of the democratic government to the people.

Taimur Rahman

CMKP Digest Number 1618

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