Poll on Taliban

Participate in a poll set up by:

We pose 4 questions
1. What should be one’s reaction to the Marriot Hotel bombing? This particular bombing is taken as a symbol of violence by non-state actors, though we are assuming that it was carried out by people in league or in sympathy with the TTP and other such groupings. We present three options:
Or a new path, not beholden to either.

2. What would you recommend for a pro-Taliban policy?

3. What would you do for a pro-NATO policy?

4. What would you recommend for the third option?

Admittedly, the options presented here do not cover the entire set of possibilities – just those that the group could think of. If you have some suggestions to make (new option, even a new poll question), you can let them know at info@fastrising.org

The poll is open all Net surfers. However, there is an attempt to limit voting by IP address (one address, one vote).

Of course, it’s not foolproof but that’s not that big a deal – it’s just an attempt to gauge what the general opinion is.

CMKP Digest Number 1618

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