ANP promises enforcement of Shariah

It is with a heavy heart that we print the news where none else but Awami National Party (ANP), a group with a democratic agenda and a glowing history of fighting for equality in the NWFP, now intends to implement Shariah in areas of the NWFP to appease the Taliban!

Friday, September 26, 2008
By our correspondent

PESHAWAR: Central Information Secretary of the Awami National Party Zahid Khan has said miscreants are working on a special agenda to sabotage the peace process in Swat where they disrupted power and gas supply to the general public.

In a statement on Thursday, the ANP spokesman said the provincial government, as well as the ANP leadership, was fully aware of the Swat situation and shared the grievances of the local people, saying the miscreants were now bent upon creating social and economic problems by destroying power pylons and disrupting gas supply to the entire valley.

He said these elements were neither Muslims nor Pakhtuns but working on a dangerous agenda. Zahid said the Shariah system, as per the desires of the local people and the Taliban, would be implemented in the current month while practical steps would be taken to restore the power, gas and water supply to Swat.

He hoped that peace would soon return to the troubled valley where the militants and miscreants were losing their grip.

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