Three more women buried alive in Balochistan

They are burying women alive for raising voices for their basic human rights!

Geo News is reporting that three more women were buried alive in Balochistan (same place as the five other women).

The newest victims were old women who were killed because they criticised the tribal leader.


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3 thoughts on “Three more women buried alive in Balochistan

  1. this may be a cover up ploy for the earlier killing of young girls.federal and provincial governments and police on the one hand and the army intelligence agancies who are present all over balochistan could find out the culprits but they have not

  2. Also, we still don’t know much about it. The number of women buried alive in Babakot, their names. Information is being withheld in the interest of the murderers and not the Shaheed Women.

    We need a massive national/international lobbying campaign to assure women at least some level of safety in Pakistan.

    Husain Naqi Jee, you honour us, and Poet Ajmer Rode, by your presence and words.

    Thank you.

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