‘Bombed shops were frequented by daters’

By Shafiq Sharif

LAHORE: The juice shops targeted in three remote-controlled bombings in Lahore were frequented by young unmarried couples and had received threats, locals told Daily Times.

“They had contacted the police and told them about the threats,” said a resident of the locality who identified himself as Ehsan, “but they never took it seriously.” Nighat Bibi, the local provincial assembly member from the PML-N, said a girls’ college was located near the market. In the wake of the ongoing wave of terrorism, she said she had asked police officials to provide security for the ‘juice street’ because it was vulnerable, but the police did not respond.

Civil Lines SP Sohail Sukhera said that explosives were either planted or dropped inside the shops and the attack was intended to create panic. There were about 400 buyers and traders in the market at the time of the first explosion, he said. The bombs were made locally and were of very low intensity, he said.

Religious organisations:
Sources in the law-enforcement agencies told Daily Times that investigators strongly believed certain local religious organisations were involved. They believe investigations should be made in the areas near the juice shop, where certain elements may be concerned about young people visiting the market.

Investigations DIG Mushtaq Sukhera and the Lahore SSP said however that police was still investigating the matter and could not say with certainty what the motive behind the attack was.

The owner of the nearby Crown Cinema, who lives in the locality, said he had received a warning of a bomb in his cinema a day ago, but it turned out to be a hoax.


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