Dispute over court marriage takes five lives

Khadijah Shah

SANGHAR, PAKISTAN, Oct 6: A man was killed and another suffered wounds in a clash between members of Talpur and Magsi communities near Sarhari on Sunday.

Heavy firearms, including rockets, were used by the two sides, leading to the death of Noor Mohammad Talpur and injuries to Gulab Talpur. Noor Mohammad died on the spot.

Police arrested over a dozen men and claimed to have recovered heavy firearms, including rocket launchers and shells, Kalashnikov rifles and a large quantity of ammunition after Noor Mohammad’s father, Mevo Talpur, lodged an FIR, accusing Haji Ameer Ali Magsi, Zaman Magsi and
five others of killing his son.

According people of the area, the clash was an offshoot of a 14-month-old dispute over court marriage of a Magsi girl, Ms Zeenat Magsi, with a Talpur man and it had so far claimed lives of Dilbar
Khan Talpur, Nono Keerio, Imdad Ali Rind, Gul Mohammad Talpur and Noor Mohammad Talpur.

Heavy dependents of police have been deployed in the area to contain the bloodshed that is most likely to follow this clash.

Ferhan Mazher
Chairman (Rays of Development Organization, Sargodha, Pakistan)

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