Violence against women on the rise

Amar Guriro

KARACHI: The cases of violence against women are increasing alarmingly and within the last nine months about 1,464 cases of violence against women were reported in the province, of which 229 were murder cases and another 220 women killed under the allegation of so-called honor, or Karo-Kari, 67 women raped, another 50 women gang-raped, according to data compiled by the Aurat Foundation, an NGO working for women’s rights. Aurat Foundation obtained these figures from shelter homes, women’s crises centers, newspapers and citizen action committees for women rights for the project “Policy and Data Monitor on Violence against Women” in collaboration with the Violence against Women watch group.

According to the Aurat Foundation data in the first quarter (January-March 2008) about 328 cases of violence against women were reported out of which 80 women were murdered, 65 women were killed under the charges of Karo-Kari, on seven women murder was attempted, 14 were rape cases and 10 cases of gang rape were reported, 24 women committed suicides and 38 women were kidnapped.

In the second quarter (April-June 2008) the number of cases of violence against women almost doubled and about 390 cases were reported. The data shows that 74 women were murdered, 55 were brutally killed under Karo-Kari charges, 13 raped and 26 were gang raped, 43 committed suicides, two women were sold and 71 were kidnapped.

The data shows that the second last quarter (July-September) of 2008 was the worst for women of the province and an alarming 746 cases of violence were reported. The data shows that 75 murder cases were reported within 90 days of this quarter.

The so-called honor killings or Karo-Kari cases rose and about 100 cases were reported out of which 69 were women and 31 were men. About 12 cases of attempted murder on women were reported, 40 cases of rape and 14 cases of gang rape were reported, whereas 204 cases of abduction were also reported in this quarter. About 46 women committed suicides, one woman was burnt to death, 14 cases of sexual assault and 40 cases of kidnapping were reported, 74 women suffered custodian violence and 55 women suffered domestic violence.

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One thought on “Violence against women on the rise

  1. Being a woman is itself a CRIME? Why there is so much of allegations against her only? Why is it often said that Capital City is unsafe for Women. Why does she bear the brunt of the violations happening inside her own home or in external environment.

    But Women has stand against all odds. She has established her identity by the way of working shoulder to shoulder with men and prove her credibility in the area and earn respect in the changing society.

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