Jirga gives three minors in marriage to resolve disagreement

Khadijah Shah

SUKKUR, PAKISTAN: A Jirga held in Drighpur village in Shikarpur district on Monday decided to give three underage girls in marriage to settle a dispute over a karo-kari incident.

According to sources, the Jirga was convened to settle the karo-kari dispute between one Sher Dil Jatoi and his clan and Shahoo Jatoi and his family. Sher Dil had killed his wife about two months ago after declaring her Kari and accusing Shahoo Jatoi of having illicit relations with her, they assumed.

The Jirga, which was attended by hundreds of Jatoi clansmen and representatives of the warring parties, declared Shahoo as karo and wife of Sher Dil as Kari and ordered Shahoo to give three girls in
marriage to the sons of Sher Dil and 20 buffaloes as compensation.

The sources claimed that both the groups accepted the Jirga verdict and then embraced each other as a sign of rapprochement.

The girls, a daughter of Shahoo and two daughters of Shahoo’s brothers, Miro Jatoi and Khanan Jatoi, were reported to be aged between 12 to 14 years, the sources believe.

Ferhan Mazher
Chairman (Rays of Development Organization, Sargodha, Pakistan)

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