Congressman seeks Pakistan’s help in tracing Masood Janjua

By Mumtaz Alvi

ISLAMABAD: A US congressman has sought help of the Pakistan Embassy in the US to locate Masood Ahmad Janjua, who is missing since July 2005.

Earl Blumenauer wrote a letter to the Pakistani Ambassador Husain Haqqani on October 22, requesting him to assist him locate the missing Pakistani national. “At the request of my constituent, Saba Ahmad, I am attempting to locate the whereabouts of a Pakistani citizen, Masood Ahmad Janjua. Any assistance the embassy can provide toward this end would be welcomed,” the American legislator maintained.

The congressman said that Janjua went missing in July 2005, and it was thought that he had been detained in Rawalpindi. He added there were reports from earlier this year about his presence in Chaklala. “I am further informed that Janjua’s father Lieutenant Colonel Raja Ali Muhammad served in the Pakistan Army for 25 years,” Earl Blumenauer said.

He wrote the letter weeks after Masood’s spouse Amina was not permitted to visit the United States during her tour of Europe, which was sponsored by the Amnesty International. She is the chairperson of the Defence of Human Rights aimed at recovering more than 500 missing persons.

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