Nafisa rushes to Khairpur to probe Tasleema’s murder

Shaheed Bibi Tasleema Solangi

By Imtiaz Hussain

KHAIRPUR: MNA Nafisa Shah Jillani rushed from Islamabad to Khairpur on Tuesday to find out the true story behind the murder of Tasleema Solangi.

Nafisa Shah, a former Nazim of the Khairpur district, was all ready to leave for Turkey as a team member of Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani. But the brutal murder of a young girl of her district made Nafisa Shah rush to Khairpur on the directives of President Zardari to investigate the issue.

Sources said that SP Investigation Ghulam Akbar Wagan had informed the MNA that Tasleema Solangi was shot dead with a locally-made pistol and that neither she was thrown before dogs nor she was pregnant at the time of her murder. The SP has also, reportedly, said that the lady doctor who conducted the post-mortem of the girl did not mention any sign of torture on her body nor confirmed that she was pregnant. Meanwhile, Nafisa Shah, accompanied with police officers of the district, visited Tasleema’s home village Hajina Shah, where she met some elders of the village and also with female relatives of the deceased girl to get details of the gory incident.

Shah said she was trying to find out the actual story and only the facts would determine the fate of the case. She said the criminals would be brought to justice and given an exemplary punishment. She said she would also meet the accused, adding her inquiry would be completed within two days.

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  1. Syed Shoaib Ali

     /  April 18, 2009

    Salaam All, i also belong to Khairpur and doing a job in islamabad. i think that she is the right person to Leader ship. she will be a C.M of sindh. My all wishes to NAFISA SHAH JILLANi


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