‘Please forgive me mother, I was wrong and you were right, they will kill me’

Shaheed Bibi Tasleem Solangi


KARACHI: Tasleem Solangi was the daughter of a livestock trader, was the third among six siblings, she did work around the house and she married to end family disputes.

After she saw her uncle, Abdul Hameed, work as a doctor, she knew right then that was her calling, helping people, curing people, saving people. Tasleem had passed her matriculation and after seeing her uncle, she wanted to continue her studies and become a doctor but could not do so because she got married.

She got married to settle a dispute among her family, she was hopeful that by marrying her cousin she would be able to resolve and settle issues, she compromised her dreams to help her family. She did what she thought was best and went against her mother. “I tried to stop her from getting married but she did anyway,” lamented Zakara Bibi Solangi, Tasleem’s mother, “she said that she was very lucky because she was getting married to her cousin and that she would manage to resolve the issues.”

Not being able to continue her own education did not deter Tasleem from imparting education to others. She would teach her siblings, mother, grandmother and others. “Tasleem first taught me how to write my name,” her mother recalls with teary eyes. “I am a doctor, please listen to me, is what she used to say.”

However, on March 7, 2008, in the Hajna Shah Village, Taluka Bara Masi Goth in Khairpur district, her dreams were buried with her. On that day … – Tasleem Solangi was brutally murdered in an alleged case of ‘kari’.

Before she died, she realized that there was no hope to resolve the family dispute, “please forgive me mother, I was wrong and you were right, they will kill me.” Tasleem sacrificed herself to save her family, and for that, she was chased by dogs before she was shot to death. Her dreams of bringing peace in her family were repaid by making her see her son, who was barely months old, being bitten to death by dogs. Her father was tied in a room and, through the window, was made to see his grandson being ripped, he watched helplessly as his daughter, being chased by dogs, ran out of site, he heard a gunshot and was made to assume the worst.

Tasleem’s brother Asif Solangi told Daily Times that his father had property worth almost five million rupees and this property was what his father’s brothers were after. This issue was what Tasleem gave up her dream for and in the end gave her life for.

Her family is now living in Karachi, hiding without any protection and living arrangements, while the inquiry of the case has started.

Staff report, dailytimes.com.pk

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