IAPSCC Statement on US attack on Syria and Pakistan

International Anti-Imperialist and People’s Solidarity Coordinating Committee (IAPSCC)
Statement Released by Manik Mukherjee on behalf of the IAPSCC

The IAPSCC condemns in strongest terms the latest US attacks on Syria and Pakistan killing many citizens of the two countries. This is a gross violation of the sovereignty of the two nations and must be regarded as blatantly illegal and unjustified acts of war. The perpetrators of these criminal acts are to be treated as war criminals.

This is one more example of the implementation of the Bush Administration’s “National Security Strategy of the United States of America” which proclaims that the US has the right to use military force anywhere in the world, at any time it chooses, against any country that it believes to be a threat to American interests. US imperialism refuses to respect as a matter of international law the sovereignty of any other country, and reserves the right to get rid of any regime, in any part of the world, that is at the moment, or may in future become hostile to what US considers to be its vital interests.

We call upon all freedom-loving democratic-minded people of the world to forcefully raise the demand that the United States and its partners must cease all aggressive acts and maneuvers against all countries, in particular, Syria, Lebanon, Iran, Cuba and Democratic People’s Republic of
Korea, and withdraw their occupation forces from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Manik Mukherjee
General Secretary
October 31, 2009

77/2/1 Lenin Sarani, Kolkata 700 013, India
Tel: +91-33-22653550 Fax : +91-33-2264 7754
e-mail: aiaif_2006@…

President : Ramsey Clark
Former Attorney General, USA
President, International Action Centre

General Secretary : Manik Mukherjee
Vice-President, All India Anti-imperialist Forum


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  1. Great statement.
    But,I am eager to know about the reaction of Pakistani “Left” and “Right’ wing politicians who believe Pakistan army should continue to massacre it’s own people as part of US “war on terror”.


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