Violence against women on the rise

Staff Report

LAHORE: Violence against women has risen in the Punjab during the third quarter of the year (from July to September) and almost twice the number of cases of violence have been reported during the third quarter as compared to the second quarter.

As many as 1,592 cases were reported throughout the province during the third quarter of the year.

In the first quarter, 546 cases had been reported while 828 cases were reported during the second quarter.

These figures were disclosed by The Aurat Foundation at the Lahore Press Club, a non-governmental organisation working for the rights of women. The Aurat Foundation attempted to gather details of the cases of violence, however, they were denied access to the data as it was confidential.

During the third quarter
508 cases of abduction
242 cases of murder
127 cases of rape
137 cases of suicide
120 cases of physical injuries
100 cases of gang rape
95 cases of torture
35 cases of attempted suicides
31 cases of sexual assaults
21 cases of honor killing
13 cases of burning
eight cases of attempted murder
155 other cases of violence

In 439 of the 490 cases of abduction that had registered a first information report (FIR), there was no information available about the abductor.

An outright majority of the murder cases had been committed by husbands. In 67 cases of murder, there was no information about the murderer.

The representatives of the Aurat Foundation said that the only way to curb rising violence against women was to strengthen the role of the civil society in all spheres of life. They laid emphasis on the need to lobby female parliamentarians and women councilors to raise their voices in their respective houses.

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