Woman trafficking: NGO prepares draft bill

Saturday, November 22, 2008
NGO prepares draft bill to stop victimisation

By our correspondent

PESHAWAR: A civil society organisation has prepared a bill to help save women from trafficking and discussed the proposed document with policy-makers, lawyers and members of the Non-Governmental Organisations to get their suggestions and recommendations to make it more viable.

The consultative working group meeting on woman trafficking bill was arranged by Noor Education Trust here on Friday to discuss the provisions of the bill with the participants who gave their suggestions for improvement.

After the introduction of the participants and the organisation, the participants were told that trafficking was recruitment, transfer, transport, harbouring or receipt, with or without consent, fake marriages, false adoptions and kidnappings with a view to exploit women and children in bonded and illegal labour, domestic work, begging, sex-tourism, entertainment and prostitution for the benefit of traffickers and crime-syndicates.

The discussants were told that there were no accurate statistics available, but it was estimated that in the last 30 years, trafficking in women and children in Asia for sexual exploitation alone had touched the 30 million mark.

Both civil society members and the victims of trafficking have confirmed the increasing trend of marrying off girls from NWFP to men from other provinces, the participants were informed. They were told about the findings of the study conducted by the organisation in collaboration with the district partners.

Some of the main points of the study that were highlighted include district-based responses from the civil society members, awareness about bride price, kinds of people involved in the crime, ethnic origin of the clients, identification of traffickers and transaction modes.

Other information discussed was about the use of bride price money, written or verbal Nikah, parent’s presence at Nikah, purpose of marriage, victims age at time of marriage, marriage with consent, ethnicity of trafficked girls, reasons for trafficking and current residence of the victims.

The participants suggested that the word woman should be changed or replaced with female because according to a study, mostly minor girls were trafficked, so it would not be applicable to them if the bill came into force. The discussants proposed that punishment for trafficking should be life imprisonment and the crime must be cognisable.


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  1. Janice

     /  December 1, 2008

    A Sordid Lawsuit Shakes the Satmar Chasidic world .

    Brooklyn N.Y. Lezer ( Louis ) Kestenbaum chairman of the ODA in Williamsburg Brooklyn NY resigned from the ODA soon after settling a lawsuit filed in May in U.S. District Court for the District of Florida for an undisclosed sum alleging he had a sexual relationship with a minor, Joel Kestnbaum the son of Louis kestenbaum will become chairman of the ODA.


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