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Court orders Iranian man blinded

A court in Iran has ruled that a man who blinded a woman with acid after she spurned his marriage proposals will also be blinded with acid.

The ruling was reported in Iranian newspapers on Thursday.

The punishment is legal under the Islamic Sharia code of Qias or equivalence, which allows retribution for violent crimes.

The court also ordered the attacker, 27-year-old Majid Movahedi, to pay compensation to the victim. The acid attack took place in 2004.

The victim, Ameneh Bahrami, went to Spain for surgery to reconstruct her face but efforts to restore her sight failed. The ruling was a response to her plea to the court in the Iranian capital Tehran for retribution.

“Ever since I was subject to acid being thrown on my face, I have a constant feeling of being in danger,” she told the court. Ms Bahrami said that Movahedi had also threatened to kill her.

Syed Ehtisham:

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  1. Elli

     /  January 30, 2010

    I believe what ever we do good or bad in this life time we will receive back 10 times infold, because this world is both heaven and hell and is the matter of which one we choose to make out of it. For what the man had done to Ameneh will be hunting him for rest of his life & even his soul will never be in peace.
    You never can make another person love you & if you truly love the one who dose not love you show them the true love by letting them go free.


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