Crimes against women rise in Capital

ISLAMABAD: Crimes against women have increased in the federal capital as 60 cases of kidnapping have so far been reported to police this year compared with 50 cases reported last year.

Majority of the women, including young girls and married women, passed very embarrassing situations while in custody of their kidnappers, said a senior police official while talking to Daily Times.

Data gathered from the city’s 14 police stations showed that women were more vulnerable to kidnapping than men, indicating that they were not safe even in the heavily guarded federal capital. The official said kidnappings of women were increasing in the city because the law-enforcement agencies had failed to crack down on some organised gangs.

He said in some cases, parents were responsible for kidnappings. ‘When parents choose life partners of their daughters against their consent and marry them off to men of their own choice, girls elope with those whom they like’ the official said, stressing that parents should seek consent of their daughters when choosing their life partners. He said the parents’ irresponsible practice of choosing life partners of their daughters without seeking their consent was nothing but gambling with their lives.

Fazal Sher

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