PDI Declares launch of WAKE UP! Campaign against Honor Killing

Violence against women is a cruel reality for Women around the Globe and in Pakistan it is one of the main issues women face, Women keep on being victims of severe violence in Pakistan and not having a say for their rights they are reserved and accepting on the truth to be brutally victimized.

Though Violence against women takes a dismaying variety of forms, but the worst form which snatches away the lives of millions of women each year is “Honor Killings”. Each year, uncountable amount of women are killed, burnt, sold, exchanged and handed out to different tribes for compensation for a conflict in the name of honor.

According to UN about more then one thousand women are killed in Pakistan each year in the name of honor. These are the cases that are reported but thousands go unregistered and unnoticed. Despite having different laws about the criminal custom, signing on declarations and participating in conventions, Pakistan has not yet been able to make even the smallest change in the lives of women living under tribal codes of honor.

PDI like other many organizations in Pakistan has been actively engaged in working towards putting an end to this inhuman act. From advocacy to empowerment of local women in rural areas, PDI has also been part of various regional and international movements.

Since January 2008 PDI had launched an online campaign, WAKE UP!!! Campaign against Honor Killing that recruits international Change Agents. Since then WAKE UP has been the second vibrant online campaign against honor killing to reach out to more then three thousands of people from around the world and use innovative approaches of media as a great tool to bring positive change.



Just Recently Oxfam Australia and PDI joined hands on the practical launch of WAKE UP and today in a an Assembly organized by PDI Khuzdar at Khuzdar, Balochistan on the International Day of Elimination of Violence Against Women, PDI and Oxfam Officially declare the launch of WAKE UP!!! Campaign against Honor Killing.

WAKE UP targets youth, local communities, organizations, media and policy makers. Using effective ways of advocacy it highlights the past mistakes and new approaches, not forgetting to learn what went wrong from all these years of Law making.

It is in its initial stages of reaching out to the stake holders and needs as much as support, It is about time a dilute action be carried on the merciless customs!

To learn more, go to: http://participatorydevelopment.blogspot.com/2008/11/pdi-declares-launch…


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