138 suicides in one month: HRCP

Press release, February 10, 2009

LAHORE: At least 138 people committed suicide in the country in one month ending January 25, 2009, according to statistics available with the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan and published in its monthly journal.

Of those committing suicide between 26th December 2008 and 25th January 2009, 98 individuals were male and 40 female. Twenty-nine people committed suicide over their failure to find employment or on account of poverty. Thirty-two people shot themselves, indicating the access to firearms. Fifty-four people took their own lives by consuming poison, insecticide or various chemicals.

The youngest person to commit suicide was 13-year-old and the oldest was 65. The age of the victims could not be ascertained in many cases of suicide.

Between 26th December 2008 and 25th January 2009, there were also 78 incidents of attempted suicide. The registration of a First Information Report (FIR) by the police for attempted suicides could only be confirmed in six cases.

In the previous month – from 26th November to 25th December 2008 – at least 117 people had committed suicide and 80 others had attempted to take their own lives.

I. A. Rehman
Secretary General

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