Punjab Assembly passes resolution condemning media

LAHORE: The Punjab Assembly on Friday passed a resolution condemning the role of media and alleged it of ‘irresponsible behaviour’ amid the on-going fake degree controversy.

The resolution, forwarded by PML-Q MPA Sanaullah Mastikhel, was passed with full consensus of the house. It was met with a strong opposition by various journalists’ unions across the country, who vowed to boycott the proceedings of the National Assembly and all four provincial assemblies.

The resolution recommends that a joint committee, comprising members of the assembly and media representatives, be formed to resolve the differences between the two parties.

Local media has been held responsible for promoting anti-government propaganda that could destabilise Pakistan’s democratic future.

The resolution also condemned the dramatic coverage of assembly proceedings, where clips of female members of the house based on movie songs are played on several private news channels.

Members of the assembly have been criticizing the role of local media regarding the fake-degree saga. Several members of the Punjab assembly had been vocal in their opposition, which led to the unanimous vote on the resolution.

Reporters and other media persons covering the Punjab Assembly session chanted slogans against the Chief Minister of Punjab and the provincial government after the resolution was passed. Meanwhile several journalist unions vowed to discontinue coverage of provincial and national assembly sessions until the resolution was revoked.



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