Peasant mass rally in Okara Khurd

Life threat to peasant leaders

At a mass rally of the peasants in Renalkhurd on 10th January, several peasants’ leaders spoke about the life threats they are facing at the hand of a military brigadier of Military Farms Okara. The rally was organized by Anjman Mozareen Punjab on the occasion of the 9th death anniversary of Bashir Ahmad killed by the firing of the rangers in 2002.

A rally attended by few thousands tenants started from the Renalkhurd GT Road blocked the roads for some time and later walked through the main city and reached at Military Estate Renalkhurd. The tenants were raising slogans against the military generals who have been allotted agriculture land in 2007 by Pervaiz Ilahi government. “Cancel the allotment to military generals, Death or ownership, land to the tillers, Down with feudalism, capitalism, will fight against military operation in Renalkhurd” were some of the slogans raised at the rally.

Later a public meeting started at Military Estate in Renakhurd under chairmanship of Nadeem Ashraf, vice president AMP. Mehr Abdul Sattar general secretary Anjamn Mozareen Punjab told the gathering that those threatening to kill should know that when we started this movement in 2000, we knew that our lives were at risks under a military dictatorship, however, we were not afraid then and we will not be silenced now. Malik Salim Jhakkar told the tenants that this historic movement of the tenants can be eliminated by a few killings of the leaders, it has spread to every home and we are warning the brigadier responsible that if any one of us is hurt, there will be strong reaction by all the peasants on different military farms.

Farooq Tariq spokesperson Labour Party Pakistan said that the military administration is trying their best to evacuate the land from the peasants and are threatening to kill them and sending them anonymous threat letters, this will not be tolerated and peasants across Pakistan will protest if any action is taken against any leader or activists of the movement. He demanded that all the agriculture land under cultivation should be formally handed over to the tenants and the landless peasants.

Nazli Javed member federal committee LPP, Baba Jan president Progressive Youth Front Gilgit Baltestan, Ihsan Ali general secretary Labour Party Pakistan Gilgit Baltestan, Jalal Lala leader of LPP Swat, Shabir Sajid president AMP Pakpattan and several other spoke on the occasion and expressed their solidarity with AMP movement for land rights.

Report by Noor Nabi

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