Pakistani Ulema: Debating/Amending Blasphemy Laws not against Islam

In a debate on Blasphemy Laws on Dunya TV, a leading politician/activist brings the discussion to a point where the participating Ulema accepted the fact that debating or demanding to amend Pakistan’s Blasphemy Laws is not against Islam.

This admission by the Ulema will have a positive impact on the struggle against the injustices brought about on non-Muslims and Muslims by the Blasphemy Laws. During the debate, it became obvious that when confronted on this issue, the Ulema will have to back down as no one called the killer of Governor Punjab Salman Taseer a ‘hero’ or a ‘Ghazi’ (soldier of god).

The debate was between Politician/Activist Nasim Zehra, Mufti Naeem of Banoria Madrassa, Ayaz Amir, Sarwat Qadri President Sunni Tehreek, Javed Jabbar, Maulana Salafi of Sattaria Trust, Iqbal Haider and Javaid Ghamdi.


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