Pakistanis being beaten/killed in Bahrain‏

I urge you all to focus on whats going on in Bahrain – there is naturally a huge pro-govt and Anti-Govt riots going on but in the midst of the fray Pakistanis are being targeted and beaten and killed. In researching this issue online I heard both sides of the argument and was even at a time being blamed for taking sides but in the end I boiled down to to simply focusing on Human Rights abuses on Pakistanis.

I share two links here – One is an open letter of appeal from a Pakistani Journalist based in Bahrain Azizuddin Khattak who pleads for attention on this issue

Letter from a Pakistani Journalist in Bahrain appealing for Help

Second is an email from an anonymous doctor in a medical hospital in Bahrain, take the contents with a pinch of salt as it may seem fabricated, but my telephonic conversations with a few Pakistanis in Bahrain say that such similar incidents are happening and this is along the same lines
Shocking Attack on a Pakistani in a Hospital in Bahrain

The reason why such a situation is happening in Bahrain is that traditionally the Bahrain police recruits a large contingent of Pakistani / Punjabi / Bangladeshi officers enrolled, and since the past few days the government has taken a strong stance on the protestors, the protestors have reverted to going on a rampage targetting police as well as civilian Pakistanis based in Bahrain going house to house and brutally killing Pakistanis in an act of bloody revenge mixed with sectarian riots

Our focus as Pakistanis should be the safety of our Pakistani brethren as a priority, the local political issue is far more complicated then what meets the eye. Please appeal to your organizations & associated media outlets to cover this issue – Spread the word

If need be I can help furnish contact details of some Pakistanis who can be contacted in Bahrain to comment on this issue

Awab Alvi

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