This web page began publishing in 2008 to honor the eight women of Village Mirwah who were buried alive for family honor in Babakot, Balochistan, by male family members and local male dignitaries.

In 2012, this page was expanded to include the demand to Repeal Pakistan’s Blasphemy Laws and for the establishment of a Secular Pakistan.

Now, by combining them, we’ll be able to see all these issues woven together- as they are. The transitions are apparent on its pages and posts, and in the header images below.

August 2016


Header Image
‘lhore lhore ae’ by Shahid Mirza

shahidmirza-azadi1mixmedia ‘Azadi 1’ by Shahid Mirza

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Photo by AsAd Khan

Photo by Comrade Dilawer

Painting by Navpreet Kaur


Blasphemy is another ‘Honour Killing’ Platform.
Please Don’t Support It

‘Honour Killings’

Where women, and some men, are harassed and killed by the male members of their families on the pretext of ‘saving the honour of the family’, but actually to keep control of the property and sexuality rights of women.

Male members are supported by the local authorities such as the police, jirgas, civil and army administrators, and other influentials, in propagating and committing these violent and abusive crimes.

This vile concept of control of women through extreme punishment is presented by the mainstream culture as a crucial part of the ‘moral fibre’ of Pakistani society.

‘Honour Killings’ support male control and power over all women, but most women who actually get killed are the poorest in a city, town or village.

Do you support ‘Honour Killings’?



Where non-Muslim and Muslim men, and some women, are killed or required to be killed by the extreme religious Muslim groups on the pretext of ‘saving the honour of Islam and its prophet’, but actually (1> to keep control of the property and civic rights of non-Muslims and Muslim minority sects, and (2> to use it as a Muslim-mob-generating hysterical street weapon for their petty political ends.

The extreme religious Muslim groups are supported by the local Muslim authorities such as the police, jirgas, civil and army administrators, politicians, lawyers, educators and other dignitaries in propagating and committing these violent and abusive crimes.

This vile concept of control over minority communities through extreme punishment is presented as a crucial part of the ‘moral fibre’ of Pakistani Muslim society.

‘Blasphemy Killings’ support the control and power of Muslims of a majority ruling sect over all non-Muslim and minority Muslim communities, but most people who actually get killed are the poorest in a city, town or village.

Do you Support ‘Blasphemy Killings’?


Blasphemy is another ‘Honour Killing’ Platform.
Please Don’t Support It!

Repeal Pakistan’s Blasphemy Laws

Web Page

This web page supports the movement to
– Repeal Pakistan’s Blasphemy Laws
– Repeal the Hudood Ordinances
– Abolish Shariat Courts, Jirgas, other parallel legal outfits
– Separate religion from the state
– Develop equitable economic and social structures

October 2012


It was created in July 2008 to honour eight women of Village Mirwah who were buried alive in Babakot, Balochistan. First, we found that five women were buried alive by their male relatives for intending to act against the wishes of an illegal Jirga.
1. Fatima, 45
2. Jannat, 38
3. Fauzia, 18
4. Unnamed 1, 16-18
5. Unnamed 2, 16-18

Teens Fauzia, Unnamed 1 and Unnamed 2 were abducted, beaten, shot, and buried alive for intending to contract civil marriages with three young men of their choice.

Fatmah and Jannat were pushed into the same grave for trying to stop the burying alive of the three young women. Fatmah and Jannat were married to Umeed Ali Umrani and Qaiser Khan; we do not know if there are any children.

Fauzia was the daughter of Ata Mohammad Umrani. The identities of the other two young women who were buried alive that day, are still unknown.

Later, we found that three older women of the same village were buried alive at the same place after, for objecting to the live burials of five women. We know that at least one of the three women had small children.

About love and life
Most women are murdered and abused by the people (men) we love
Our fathers, brothers, sons
Husbands and lovers
Grandfathers and uncles.
Most women are murdered and abused by the people (men) who are ‘expected’ to love us back
Our fathers, brothers, sons
Husbands and lovers
Grandfathers and uncles.

We explore this subject to fathom our love lives.

July 2008


This blog is managed by Fauzia Rafique from Vancouver Lower Mainland, an area established on the unceded territories of Satesh Salish peoples, in the Canadian province of British Columbia.

10 thoughts on “About

  1. I just gone thru this website, what a heart-touching collections, one must go through and be a part of such progressive activities that women are no more humiliated. Furthermore, Christians are under tension in Pakistan, they have even lost hope. They kept their eyes on US or UK aids and got just an illusion trapes that somebody will help them on the faith-based platform. But all in vain and Christians in Pakistan being humilated.

  2. Fauzia,

    I recently came across your blog and was moved by your words and your story. I am writing from World Pulse Magazine, a media organization dedicated to broadcasting global issues through the eyes of women.

    I would like to invite you to share your story on our social networking newswire, PulseWire, for possible syndication in our upcoming online and print editions. A newly created group on PulseWire called the “Pakistan Cafe” provides a platform for the unheard voices of women leaders and changemakers from Pakistan. This group offers a collaborative and safe discussion forum for you to share your thoughts, ideas, struggles, and emotions surrounding Pakistan. We invite you to speak about the issues and obstacles women are facing in your community, and to share the solutions that are already underway, or that we can develop together.

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    I sincerely hope you will accept this invitation to join PulseWire and make a post in the Pakistan Cafe. We encourage you to post something new, or something you’ve written in the past. Poetry, stories, opinion pieces, or just a simple introduction are encouraged! The idea is to truly provide a space for women to join hands across borders, and all opinions and experiences are welcome.

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    Amelia Hays
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  3. woman need to protest any unkind behaviour against them. does not matter what is the consequence….they need to protest…all of them.

  4. some things are just sad. May we all be guided to always do the right thing. It is difficult to do the right thing at all times. But doing the right thing makes us feel good, makes those around us feel good, it also brings out the best in humanity. s let us do our best to always do the rights thing for ourselves and all those around us

  5. Dear team…. I think you can help me with my query below,,, i am sharing a story with you but do help me….

    This is very urgent and important. I am going to draw your attention to a very serious issue which has been going on for last one month in a Village (BARAL) of Azad Jamu & Kashmir Sudhnutti (Pallandri) district. I have come to know that a few months back a young boy and a girl got married at their own. They both are from two different casts (tribes). The girl belongs to the majority tribe which is “Sudhans” also called Sadozais…… The girl’s parents have no issue with this marriage but the tribal elders and some lawyers from the Sudhan tribe have made this an issue of honor and now they are trying to harass boy’s family. in last month they attached to family of boy with more than 1000 armed men and warn them that they will burn them alive if the boy do not divorce the girl.

    Now the current situation which is very sensitive, that DPO Police “SP, Ilyas Khan is supporting the Sudhan tribe and he is backing them to burn their houses and kill the boy and girl. Tomorrow 15th of October is the deadline for divorce. If there is no divorce, either they will burn the entire tribe of boy or their houses of a massive killing. Here another very important factor is that, the girl is pregnant and by Shariya they cant give divorce to her. The Sudhan tribal heads and a few lawyers like Sardar Amjad Aslam has tried to do an illegal Nikah of that girl with someone else which is also a very shameful and contrary to Shariya. I

    I know the father name of the boy which is Abdul Hameed and he is a taxi driver residing in Baral village Distt. Sudhnutii.

    Please take actions and prevent that village from massive and innocent killings.


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