This page hosts the names of women who lost their lives for taking a stand on human rights, as well, some women were killed to resolve feuds between men.
– The killers, often male family members, ruthlessly murdered women to usurp our properties, and to assert control over our sexuality rights.
– The killers often went unpunished because in some areas of Pakistan, it is presented as a ‘justified’ cause by conservative male-protecting value systems to murder women for male ‘honour’ and revenge.
– However, property and the desire to control women is at the root of most of these murders.

This revenge and ‘honour’ killing culture trivializes women’s deaths, deamonizes our personalities, and obliterates our stories.
We reclaim our heroes, mourn the deaths, celebrate the courage, write the stories.
– Here, we begin by writing the names of our heroes.

This is an under-construction page with incomplete numbers of ‘honour’ killings assigned to each period of time, and the links lead to scant, and often biased, information about the women who have died to allow us better lives.

December 2008

Shaheed Bibi Sidra: Baghbanpura, Punjab Pakistan
Thursday, December 18, 2008

Shaheed Bibi Komal: Shahdara, Punjab Pakistan
Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Shaheed Bibi Riffat Sultana: Chungi Amer Sidhu, Punjab Pakistan
December 14, 2008

Shaheed Bibi Rizwana: Rawalpindi, Punjab Pakistan
December 14, 2008

Shaheed Bibi Farhat Zareen: Sahiwal, Punjab Pakistan
December 9, 2008

November 2008

Shaheed Bibi Hanifa: Ghotki, Sind Pakistan
Saturday, November 22, 2008

Shaheed Bibi Shahnaz: Islamabad Pakistan
November 6, 2008

Shaheed Bibi Safna Aziz: Islamabad Pakistan
November 6, 2008

Shaheed Bibi Kausar: Chiniot, Punjab Pakistan
November 6, 2008

Shaheed Bibi Elizabeth: Karachi, Sind Pakistan
Tuesday November 6, 2008

Shaheed Bibi Iram Shahzadi: Rawalpindi, Punjab Pakistan
Saturday November 1, 2008

October 2008

Shaheed Bibi Safia: Okara, Punjab Pakistan
Tuesday October 28, 2008

Shaheed Bibi Zainab: Taxila, Punjab Pakistan
Sunday October 26, 2008

Shaheed Bibi Nawab: Satgarha, Punjab Pakistan
Saturday October 25, 2008

Shaheed Bibi Aisha Ibrahim Duhulow: Kismayu Somalia
Monday October 27, 2008

Shaheed Bibi Asia: Nankana Sahib, Punjab Pakistan
Monday October 13, 2008

Shaheed Bibi Nabila: Nankana Sahib, Punjab Pakistan
Monday October 13, 2008

Shaheed Bibi Sidra: Shadbagh, Punjab Pakistan
Thursday October 31, 2008

June 2008

Shaheed Bibi Tahira Naheed Tabbasum: KhariaN, Punjab Pakistan/Denmark
June 19, 2008

March 2008

Shaheed Bibi Taslim Solangi: Hajna Shah Goth, Sindh Pakistan
March 7, 2008

December 2007

Shaheed Bibi Aqsa Parvez: Brampton
December 10, 2007

March 2006

Shaheed Bibi Rim Abu Ghanem: Israel
March 2006

June 2000

Shaheed Bibi Naheed: Karachi, Sindh Pakistan
June 7, 2000

One thought on “Heroes

  1. I come from El Salvador in Central America, I am fortunate because my society has abandoned some of the abuses against women, though I don’t think they were as extreme as Pakistan;
    because of this I want to help others to have the freedom I enjoy and I have found that a proper understanding of the human person is essential to promoting a return to customs that are respectful of women and all other people in a society.
    I say return because I doubt the Quran supports these behaviors; they are allowed because the tribesmen have forgotten that Muhammad called to protect and respect all women not to mistreat.

    Please look at the website of the World Youth Alliance, http://www.wya.net, it has been working in many regions throughout the world promoting practices that are respectful to the dignity of the human person and which adapt to each regions original culture. It has training programmes, educating people that we are equal is essential to ending atrocities.

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