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  1. May I very honestly request you to kindly get me email & mobile of my most respected Law teachers Mr Justice ® Dr Javed Iqbal s/o Sir Allama Iqbal Brrister Aitzaz Ahsan Senior Advocate Supreme Court Barrister Saadat Hasan Minto Senior Advocate Supreme Court + Mr Altaf Hussain, Editor, Urdu Digest who taught me Civics in FA and took me with him to his office near Carry Home (forgot road) and gave a complimentary copy of UDs 1st issue + Mr Naeem Bokhari Advocate Supreme Court & TV anchor + Javed Hashmi, MNA (PML-N) both are unknown to me but they were also student at the university when I was a student.

    With my honest and solemn prayers
    Sincere Iqbal Hadi Zaidi / Kuwait / Former Diplomat / Mobile (00965) 66229897 / Res Tel + Fax (00965) 23715102 / Chatting:

    M A Pol Sc, Political Science Department, Punjab Univertsity, Lahore 1964-66

    LL B (Law Degree), Punjab University Law College, Lahore 1966-69

    D L L (Diploma Labour Laws), Punjab University Law College, Lahore 1971-72

    D T L (Diploma Taxation Laws), Punjab University Law Coolege, Lahore 1971-72

    B A Islamia College (Civil Lines ), Lahore 1962-64

    F A Dayal Singh College, Lahore 1960-62

    Matric, Special Hogh School, Quetta 1959-60

    PS: Please do show these photos to any Kuwaiti since I am with H.H. Crown Prince + H.H. Prime Minister + H E Defence Minister cum Deputy PM + H.E. Interior Minister cum Derputy PM + H.E. Information Minister + H E Deputy Education Minister.

    Arab Times which flashed Ambassadorial group photo on 28th April, 2008 mistakingly omitted to write Former with Business and Manpowr Advisor..

    DIPLOMATS who have blessed my residence till Thu 24th April, 2008

    Category I:- AMBASSADORS (68 countries) 1. Algeria 2. Argentina 3. Austria 4. Australia 5. Azerbaijan 6. Bahrain 7. Bangladesh 8. Belgium 9. Benin 10. Bhutan 11. Bosnia & Herzegovina 12. Bulgaria 13. Canada 14. Cuba 15. China 16.. Czech Republic 17. Denmark 18. East Germany 19. Egypt 20. Eritrea 21. Ethiopia 22. Finland 23. France 24. Georgia 25. Greece 26. Hungary 27. Indonesia 28. Iran 29. Iraq 30. Italy 31. Japan 32. Jordan 33. Lebanon 34. Malaysia 35. Mauritania 36. Morocco 37. Netherlands 38. Niger 39. Nigeria 40. North Korea 41. Oman 42. Pakistan 43. Philippines 44. Poland 45. Romania 46. Russia 47. Senegal 48. Slovakia 49. Somalia 50. South Africa 51. South Korea 52. Spain 53. Sri Lanka 54. Sweden 55. Switzerland 56. Syria 57. Thailand 58. Tunisia 59.Turkey 60. Ukraine 61. United Arab Emirates 62. United Kingdom 63. Uzbekistan 64. Vatican 65. Venezuela 66. Vietnam 67. Yemen 68 Yugoslavia.

    Category II:- Charge d’ Affaires (8 countries) 1. Afghanistan 2. Czechoslovakia 3. Czech Republic 4. Niger 5. Nigeria 6.. Philippines 7. Peru 8. Poland.

    Category III:- Other Ranks (48 countries) 1.. Afghanistan 2. Bahrain 3. Bangladesh 4. Belgium 5. Bhutan 6. Brazil 7. Bulgaria 8. Canada 9. China 10. Cuba 11. Cyprus 12. Denmark 13. East Germany 14. Egypt 15. France 16. Hungary 17. Indonesia 18. Iran 19. Iraq 20. Italy 21. Japan 22. Jordan 23. Lebanon 24. Libya 25. Malaysia 26. Morocco 27. Niger 28. Nigeria 29. Norway 30. Pakistan 31. Philippines 32. Poland 33. Qatar 34. Russia 35. Saudi Arabia 36. Senegal 37. South Korea 38. Sri Lanka 39. Sudan 40. Sweden 41. Syria 42. Thailand 43. Turkey 44. Tunis 45. United Kingdom 46. United States of America 47. West Germany 48. Yugoslavia.

    I do not invite US Ambassador simply because he does not come alone but with security officers who, as per my protocol, can neither sign my Invitees’ Book nor be snapped with Ambassadors. I being a Pakistani do not invite Indian diplomats for very obvious reasons. I may pronounce that no expatriate in Kuwait including citizens of 5 Super Power can claim such entity. Very few can claim such entity worldwide (you name my competitor) what to talk of Pakistan.


    Marriage is one of the most important days in everybody’s life- male or female and therefore, from time immemorial, knowing or unknowingly at least some, if not all brides and bridegrooms, had tried their best to celebrate the day in the most fascinating manner. Of course, one way or the other, some of them did succeed in their venture to get their marriage reckoned and recognized by others.

    I’m also a human, exactly like you, he or she for that matter and therefore, quite but naturally, I had felt some extra heat when ultimately at the age of 42, I decided to marry in 1985. I was Administration Manager, Epic Instruments. Inc (USA Co), Kuwait when I was marrying a completely unknown compatriot named Miss Suhail Fatima in Islamabad, Pakistan. She was a Teacher, Islamabad Model College & School for Girls.

    Truly speaking I had long thought to solemnize my marriage not only a bit differently but very much exclusively too and, touch wood, I did succeed in my mission. I wished to marry on 30.6 (30th June) and hence booked Room 306, Holiday Inn, Islamabad (the then only 5 star in the city) so that the wedding date equates with the hotel room number. One can imagine how much joyous I had been to synchronize the date and the room. However, a fortnight before my departure to Pakistan, EPIC Chairman Mr. Edward K Mills II called me and asked that I must come back two days earlier than the original plan and I had to agree to the instructions of my employer. I phoned Holiday Inn, Islamabad explaining that now I may marry on 28th or 29th and resultantly Room 286 or 296, whatever applicable, may kindly be booked accordingly but, very much regretfully, none of the two rooms could be booked. I explained the newly developed dilemma to Mr. EKM and requested that, under the changed situation, I be allowed to return one day before and not two days and he instantly agreed to my request.

    The greatest compromise of my life is that now I had no option but to stay in Room 306 and marry on 29th June afternoon which, after the lapse of some hours, still had some relationship between the room and the date but 28th June and Room 306 were miles apart in any case. I wedded Miss Suhail on 29th June, 1985 in Islamabad and we both lived in Room 306, Holiday Inn. On the wedding day, I very solemnly promised with Shireen that each year on the wedding date, we will stay, jointly or individually, in Room 306, Holiday Inn wherever we are. After 6 days stay at Holiday Inn, Islamabad we flew to Lahore where my mother was staying and we both stayed in Rom 412, Hilton Hotel, Lahore l till I flew back to Kuwait,

    Let me quip that in 1991, I was Business and Manpower Advisor, Pakistan Embassy, Kuwait but ever since Iraqi forces had lit fires in oil wells, I didn’t feel prudent to call my wife and daughter Areej (then two and half year old) to join me in the smoke polluted environment. Quite naturally, on our wedding date (29th Jun) I wished to be with my family in Islamabad and as a diplomat I had flown on discounted air ticket but my official diplomatic obligations did not permit me to go even for two days. I had no option but to stay here all alone by myself in Room 306, Holiday Inn, Kuwait, whereas, my wife and our daughter stayed in Islamabad in Room 306, Holiday Inn, not only to commemorate our wedding anniversary but also to maintain our annual tradition.

    I simply can not help telling you that I have nick named her as Shireen (meaning sweet) and since then she is mostly known as Shireen though her official name is still Suhail. It is very much customary that the wedding document is signed by the couple, witnesses and the official clergy man (maulvi) and this, as such, necessitated that I must buy pens for the signatories. Here again I have slightly drifted away in sense that I bought two new pens to be used by the official and the witnesses. I had bought a Cross 18 karate gold pen and got our names (Iqbal & Shireen) engraved on it and had decided that not even a single letter, what to talk of a word, will be written with this pen by me and or Shireen except to sign the wedding document, and since then the matrimonial pen is in a bank locker in Islamabad.

    We were in Kuwait in 1986 when we had our 1st Wedding Anniversary and I deputed Shireen to go to all the hotels and book the banquet hall she likes the best. She opted for Kuwait Marriot Hotel (ship converted into hotel) to host Wedding Anniversary at its Al-Mirage Hall. I must pen that Marriot GM was extra nice person who got me a nicely furnished and decorated complimentary room for us to stay on the day. I thanked the gentleman from core of my heart, but I apologized for the simple reason that my matrimonial promise binds me and Shireen that on our wedding anniversary (29th June) we must stay only in room 306, Holiday Inn, so how can we stay in Marriot Hotel room. As per the tradition, we stayed in Room 306, Holiday Inn and drove from there to Marriot to host the reception and after the function we came back to Holiday Inn to sleep in our matrimonial room on the day.

    In 1993, my younger sister in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia wished that we should visit her and stay at her expense in Holiday Inn, Riyadh on our wedding anniversary and, honestly speaking, I liked the idea. I faxed Holiday Inn, Riyadh to book us in Room 306 for 29th June but, as the bad luck had it, the hotel did not have room 306 and instead suggested that we live in some other room which will be very cozy, comfortable and luxurious but how could I break my life long matrimonial promise

    How pleased I am to mention that on our 20th Wedding Anniversary (29 Jun 05), Mr. Hani Kafafi, GM, Crowne Plaza, Kuwait, at his own, had very kindly arranged an exclusive interview with me and Shireen on the day. CP’s Guest Relations Manager along with photographer came to our room and asked different questions to complete the interview. CP had sent the interview text coupled with the photo taken in our room to all the local dailies of Kuwait which very prominently flashed the same in their newspapers.

    Awfully traumatized and shocked I was, but for none of my fault. On 9th April, 2008 I had sent email to Mr. Hani Kafafi, GM, Crowne Plaza, Kuwait requesting him to kindly reserve hotel Room 306 for me for 29th June to commemorate my 23rd Wedding Anniversary. Same day Ms. Rodela Bantayan, Resevations Manager, Crowne Plaza sent me the good news confirming that the room has been booked. But very much unluckily on 8th May, the same lady from CP sent me email saying that due to refurbishment of the room, regretfully the room will not be available to me. She had however sent my request to its sister organization Holiday Inn, Salmiya to book its Room 306 for me for the day. On 13th May, Ms. Nette, Reservations Manager, Holiday Inn emailed me happily confirming that its Room 306 has been booked for me for 29th June but, honestly speaking, I am not at all happy to live elsewhere than Crowne Plaza.

    Don’t you realize that on 29th June, 2010, God willing, I will be staying in the same room, same hotel for 25th consecutive year (perhaps Guinness Book of Records)? In sheer desperation, on 13th May, I hurriedly met Mr. Anwar Jawad Bukhamseen, local partner and sponsor of CP at one of his National Assembly election tents and explained that the room may kindly be rebooked for me and he very kindly called Mr. Atif, Director Human Resources of CP to look me after. Mr. Atif was too nice and sympathetic to me and realized as to how touchy I am on the issue. He promised to use his official influence and try to get me back the room, provided, I give in writing that I am accepting the room even if there is some noise or disturbance around and or the room is short on some facilities & comforts. I have sent him the undertaking stating that I, at my own free will, accepting the room to live in on the day.

    I am too very pleased to pen that eventually I succeeded in my efforts and on Thursday 5th instant CP has confirmed the availability of the room and hence on Sunday 29th June, 2008, I and Shireen stayed in Room 306, Crowne Plaza ( / Tel (00965) 24442000 + 24732100 Fax 24732020 + 24720449) to commemorate our 23rd Wedding Anniversary.


    With my honest and solemn prayers

    Iqbal Hadi Zaidi/ Mobile 66229897 / Tel 23715102/

  2. Friendship is possible between equal human beings, totally free from all Bondage of Society, Culture, Civilization, only living true to their authentic nature… So…
    Be Oceanic. Only then will you have the taste of what true life is. And a great gratitude arises on its own accord.
    All Ambition is Politics, All Struggle to be the First is Politics. A non-struggling, non-conflicting mind is Religious.

    Sunny D’souza

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