Poems by Fauzia Rafiq

The Clowns of Blasphemy
Sohn MukhtaraN! Punjabi Roman
Familial Promises: ‘Honour’ Killers’ Code
‘Porn Creation’ (Shaheed Bibi Aisha Ibrahim Duhulow was stoned to death in Somalia in October 2008)

On the burying alive of five Baloch women in the ‘honour’ killings of Jully 2008 in Baba Kot, Baluchistan
Death anywhere
but when i die
bury me in Babakot
so that i can become
the sand
that layered
the bleeding flesh
of my sisters

Seven people were arrested:
‘According to Dawn News, investigators have exhumed three of the five bodies and sent them for autopsy. The arrested include the fathers of the three girls, a brother of two of the girls, a cousin of one of the girls and two others whose identities have not been disclosed.’
Fathers, brother arrested for burying five Baloch women alive

1. Kikli 13 July Punjabi Roman
1a. Kikli 13 July Punjabi Sahmukhi

Shaheed Bibi Fauzia
2. Fauzia of Mir Wah English
2a. Mir Wah de Fauzia Punjabi

Shaheed Bibi Benaam 1
3. Mir Wah de benaam Chhori Number One Punjabi Roman
3a. Mir Wah de benaam Chhori Number One Punjabi Shahmukhi

Shaheed Bibi Jannat
4. Swal Jannat da NahiN Roman
4a. Swaal Jannat da NahiN Shahmukhi

5. Vaen (mourning)
5a. Vaen Shahmukhi

Shaheed Bibi Fatmah
6. Hun MainuN Na Ro

Eight women of Village Mirwah were buried alive in Babakot, Balochistan, in July 2008

Five women were buried alive by their male relatives for intending to act against the wishes of an illegal Jirga.

1. Fatima, 45
2. Jannat, 38
3. Fauzia, 18
4. Unnamed 1, 16-18
5. Unnamed 2, 16-18

Fauzia, Unnamed 1 and Unnamed 2 were abducted, beaten, shot, and buried alive for intending to contract civil marriages with three young men of their choice.

Fatmah and Jannat were pushed into the grave for trying to stop the burying alive of the three young women.

Fatmah and Jannat were married to Umeed Ali Umrani and Qaiser Khan; we do not know if there are any children.

Fauzia was the daughter of Ata Mohammad Umrani.

The identities of the two young women buried alive that day, are still unknown.

Three older women of the same village were buried alive at the same place later for objecting to the murders of five women buried alive.

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