Arrest warrants for the Jirga which declared six girls, Vani

By Khadijah Shah

(Vani is a tradition in which girls of murderer’s family are given in marriage to the victim’s family as a compensation of murder.)

SHAKARPUR, PAKISTAN: DCO Shakarpur has given orders for the arrest of the Jirga members who declared 6 girls Vani in a decision of a murder case, of Kacha area of Shakarpur. In Lakhi Ghulam Shah; 6 years ago Muhammad Ali and a man was murdered in a dispute between Bugho Kharos and Ali Muhammad Kharos over a marriage proposal.

Two days ago a Jirga in the leadership of a local land lord was called to settle the dispute. Jirga ordered to hand over to the other party, two young nieces of Bugho, two daughters of Muhammad Salhay, one daughter of Sabel and one daughter of Aham Bakhsh in the compensation of murder.

This decision became in limelight when the fact that all the 6 girls were between 2 to 13 years of age, came in the notice of DPO Shakarpur. DPO ordered SPO Lakhi Ghulam Shah and SPO Khanpur to take the 6 girls in police custody, for their protection.

Ferhan Mazher
Rays of Development Organization
Sargodha, Pakistan

Jirga Judgement on Minors

Women Action Forum (WAF) has condemned a recent jirga judgment where three minor girls – Tasleema (5), Aneela (3) and Shaneela (2) – from Noshehroferoze (Sindh) were to be handed over as compensation to resolve an alleged ‘honour’ case. The children are in hiding with their family since.

Another jirga held in June on the Balochistan-Sindh border gave a verdict against 15 minor girls (one only four days old), permitting for them to be given away as compensation to end an age-old dispute between two rival tribes.

Despite the fact that the high courts and the Supreme Court have declared jirgas illegal and their judgments invalid, in both cases no police or judicial action has been taken against the jirga members or the perpetrators, the WAF noted.