Protest against atrocities meted out to five women buried alive

We feel that the issue regarding the atrocities meted out to five Baloch women who were buried alive on the orders of a tribal jirga not too long ago is being side-tracked, just like other similar issues before this one. We feel that it is high time we stand up and say NO to violence against women.

In this regard, the CMKP Karachi Committee (KC) has called for a protest to remind the democratically-elected government that it is yet to take action against the perpetrators of this crime, and against senators who justified these acts.

We demand:
1) That the criminals be arrested and punished in accordance with the law
2) That the senator who justified these acts, and the acting senate chairman be asked to resign from their positions immediately
3) That laws barring such tribal jirgas be implemented in letter and in spirit immediately
4) That an investigation be launched against police officials who refused to lodge an FIR for the case

We shall present our demands during a demonstration called at 04:00 p.m. Saturday (September 27, 2008) outside the Karachi Press Club (KPC).

We invite likeminded friends and comrades to please support us in this.
Bring yourself, bring friends, bring banners, placards, and flags.
Above all, bring the spirit of defiance against these medieval customs which enslave human beings.

Hoping to see everyone at 04:00 p.m. September 27 at the KPC!

In Solidarity,
Urooj Zia
CMKP Karachi
CMKP Digest Number 1618

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