Fauzia of Mir Wah!

This is to honor the death of Fauzia of Mir Wah who lived far way from me, and died when she was not even half my age.

Standing away, and outside, I see that i have made a mistake.
Fauzia did not die her natural death at 18.
She was beaten, tortured, buried alive, by the men of her family.

A student, a born leader, a proud Baloch, Fauzia had the courage to say yes to love and life; and, the valor to say no to armed bigots, illegal jirgas, elders, fathers, brothers, the touts of a government.

My heart oozes blood but i stand proud as i live bearing the name of a brave young woman, Fauzia of Mir Wah!

Fauzia Rafiq
Punjabi version