Women March From Hyderabad to Karachi

For Peace, Justice, Equality!

Network for Women’s Rights is Marching from Hyderabad to Karachi on 8th March to 9th March, with our sisters who are against violence and ill treatment from the society.

8th March at 10am
A colourful programme will be held at Sindh Museum Hyderabad, Social Democratice Women Organization, Chori Workers, Hamdam Development Organization and Bonded Labour Organization. South Asian Partnership and Pakistan Institute of Labour Education Research.

March will start at 12.30pm to Tando Mohammed Khan
At 2pm the March will attend the 8th March programme organized by Nari Welfare Organization.
Some women will join the March.

Women will march 4pm to Mir Pore Bethero
Welcome by SPO organization and women from this area
Will attend a folk musical programme

At 6pm March will proceed to Sajawal
At Sajawal, women will meet each other and sing geet and songs
Discuss issue and stay the night there
The host organization will be Women Industrial and Social Organization

On 9th March, after breakfast women will march to Mirpor Sakro
At 11am, SPO area organization will welcome the marching women to attend the women programme and participate in it till 1pm.

At 1pm the March will start toward Karachi
For Regent Plaza where Aurat Foundation and other organization will wait
For the Rally to Press Club

All the way women will hold Banners listing their demands
Beat drums and other musical instruments
Some women will perform dance

For more information contact:

Shaheed Bibi Tasleem Solangi: Hyderabad police claim breakthrough

Shaheed Bibi Tasleem Solangi
Hyderabad police claim breakthrough in Tasleem Solangi case
Wednesday, January 14, 2009

By Rauf Klasra

ISLAMABAD: DIG Hyderabad Sanaullah Abbasi has claimed a breakthrough in the Tasleem Solangi honour-killing case, saying he has found out documents signed by the local Nazim of the area giving details of how the poor girl, who was thrown in front of hungry dogs, was actually treated like a “slave”.

The powerful tribesmen having the backing of local politicians had documented the whole process, which finally ended in her physical elimination. This is the first time a written clue has been found in an honour-killing case which might help the police frame the participants of a Jirga that actually documented the whole process.

Meanwhile, the clothes that Tasleem was wearing at the time of her death, which might serve as an evidence of how she died, are mysteriously missing. Investigation officer Abbasi has also rejected the post-mortem report of Tasleem Solangi as unauthentic.

Meanwhile, two persons provided the DIG evidence of how Tasleem was thrown in front of hungry dogs before she was shot dead. Abbasi found out how a Jirga was actually held, whose decisions were properly documented by the participants. Even the local Nazim, Saleem, was present there and he too put his signature on these documents, which now police have taken into possession and might use them in the court of law.

“I am shocked to read the document which was signed at the time of deciding the fate of this unfortunate girl,” said Sanaullah Abbasi while talking to The News from Khairpur after recording the statements of about 30 people on the first day of his investigation into this crime against humanity.

President Asif Zardari had appointed Sanaullah Abbasi as investigation officer after rejecting the findings of MNA Nafeesa Shah. The president was dissatisfied with the report submitted by Nafeesa Shah, daughter of Chief Minister Sindh Qaim Ali Shah, in whose constituency the murder took place.

Abbasi visited the village of Tasleem Solangi on Tuesday and interviewed the concerned people. He met the father of Tasleem Solangi, who confirmed that his daughter was subjected to the worst kind of torture before being killed. He explained to the officer how she was first made to run before the hungry dogs and later gunned down in front of his eyes.

Likewise, Sindhi journalist Ajeeb Lakhoo also recorded his statement in which he confirmed that he had seen the dog-bitten body of Tasleem lying in a pool of blood inside a police van. Talking to The News, Sanullah Abbasi confirmed that he had found out documentary evidence that a Jirga was held to decide the fate of Tasleem and none other than the local Nazim had signed those papers, which clearly showed that the girl was taken away from her second husband.

Abbasi said the Jirga had followed the official procedures of “handing and taking over” the girl as she was some sort of “commodity” and not a human being. Abbasi said the girl was taken forcibly from her husband belonging to the Kunhar tribe by her first Solangi husband after the Jirga decided that the accused husband would pay Rs 400,000 for remarrying the wife of Solangi tribesman.

He said the Solangi tribe took Rs 400,000 from the second husband of Tasleem but killed her afterwards. He said the father of the girl and the Sindhi journalist Ajeeb Lakhoo had confirmed that Tasleem was thrown in front of dogs.


Doctor confesses to killing wife, driver for honour

Khadijah Shah

HYDERABAD, PAKISTAN, Oct 21: Mystery shrouding double murder case of a local PML leader’s wife and his driver was resolved on Sunday night when Dr Shafiq Arain confessed before the DPO and the investigation team that he has murdered his wife Najadah and driver to save his honour.

Either a second FIR is likely or the complainant would himself have to make a confessional statement before the court under sections 164 Cr.P.C.

Police did not arrest Dr Arain on Sunday night as reports indicate that matter might be hushed up and an opportunity is being provided to the PML leader, who is an influential man with contacts in right
quarters, to seek an out of court settlement with heirs of the deceased.

“Yes the case has been resolved and it has become a reality after his confession before me and my team that Dr Shafiq has himself murdered his wife and driver after he failed to get along with his wife”,
Hyderabad DPO Ghulam Nabi Memon confirmed on Monday night while talking to media.

Police continued investigations to ascertain truth in complainant’s statement because officials disbelieved to what is stated in FIR. It was on Sunday night when DPO Ghulam Nabi Memon along with SP investigation Ghulam Nabi Keerio, ASP Cantonment Asif Iqbal and SPO Qasimabad Aftab Nizamani spoke to him.

Dr Shafiq arrived at Hussainabad police station along with his friend and former Taluka Nazim of Latifabad Jabbar Khan. Dr Shafiq was interrogated by different police officers before DPO had a one-on-one session with him, which resolved the mystery, shrouding the double murder. The weapon has been recovered from him and it is to be tested by forensic expert to know that both the bullets were fired from it.

The complainant is reported to have presented phone bills showing calls of longer durations made by his wife to some people to which he had seriously objected. He also told us that on the day of incident he had seen driver Shakeel coming out of his wife’s room”, the DPO said.

He strongly denied that the matter would be hushed up. “The case will be challaned but we need a confessional statement of Dr Shafiq for that or a second FIR”, he said.

Police are trying to lodge a second FIR provided that either woman’s brother or driver Shakeel Junejo’s family should lodge it. The woman’s brother has outright refused to lodge the case while efforts to
persuade Junejo’s heirs to lodge a case continued. Police asked his family to give something in writing either way so that case is disposed of.

The bodies of Dr Shafiq’s wife and driver were found in the house on October 16. Later, he lodged an FIR against four unidentified accused at Hussainabad police station.

Dr Shafiq could not be contacted over his cell phone which remained switched off.

Ferhan Mazher
Rays of Development Organization, Sargodha, Pakistan

Hindu rioters burn alive Indian Muslim family of six

HYDERABAD: Rioters in southern India killed six members of a Muslim family by setting fire to their home after earlier clashes between Hindus and Muslims left four others dead and 15 injured in the same village, officials said on Sunday.

Tensions have been high in Vatoli village since Friday when violence and looting erupted between the two sides, leading to four deaths, said Andhra Pradesh Home Minister K Jana Reddy.

Authorities imposed a curfew on Friday, but were unable to stop the deadly arson attack, which apparently occurred before dawn on Sunday, Reddy said. “It is a beastly and barbaric act,” Reddy told reporters on Sunday. “Police are investigating the case and we will catch the culprits.”

Three children, including a 2-year-old, were among the six burned to death, he said.

Muslim leaders called for better protection for minorities, especially in rural areas.

“Despite our repeated pleas and appeals, the government has failed to provide protection to the Muslims who live in remote areas and who have a very small population in those places,” said Asaduddin Owaisi, a member of the lower house of the national parliament.


60% Women Agricultural Workers Sexually Abused‏

By Khadijah Shah

Karachi, Pakistan: According to a survey carried out by Pakistan Institute of Labor Education and Research (PILER) in the bonded labour settlements around Hyderabad, 60 per cent of the women responded as being sexually abused during the period they remained bonded with the landowners.

Moreover, an overwhelming majority of these bonded labourers (90 per cent) are scheduled caste Hindus, reveals the research. Hindus are more susceptible to bondage due to their religion, caste and weak economic conditions. Since they are in abrupt need of credit, they receive loans from landowners and accept all their conditions in return. They in return have to pay a heavy price by sometimes presenting their daughters, sisters, wives and even mothers to the landlords.

However, the landlords in most cases seize the Haris when they don’t meet the impossible conditions of the loans. The Haris continue to remain poor and pay off their debt through work on agricultural
fields. This leads to their never-ending bondage with the feudal.

Ferhan Mazher
Rays of Development Organization
Sargodha, Pakistan

A Young Woman Accuses Father of Incest

HYDERABAD: A 15-year-old has accused her father of molesting her for the last four to five months that has also resulted in her divorce after she told her husband about her ordeal.

Haseena, 15, resident of a village near Tando Allahyar while protesting outside the Hyderabad Press Club along with her mother, brothers and sisters told journalists that she had married a man named Meeru Solangi eight months back. Two months later, her father Ramzan brought her home and did not allow her to return to her husband. Then he molested her for the last four to five months. She told the villagers and family members but he continued with his actions. Later, when she told her husband about it, he divorced her saying that she was “useless” now.

Hasnaat, the mother, confirmed that her daughter had been molested by the father and said that when her 13-year-old son Manthar objected to his father’s actions, he was beaten up and thrown out of the house. She said that she has six children including three sons and three daughters. She said she does not wish to live with her husband anymore and want a divorce.

Aaj Kal Report