Shaheed Bibi Tahira Naheed Tabbasum: Pakistan/Denmark, June 19/08

Man affirmed ‘Proclaimed Offender’ in Danish wife assassination case

Khadijah Shah

KHARIAN, PAKISTAN: A man, who plotted the murder of his wife, has been declared a proclaimed offender by the Additional District and Sessions judges.

The case had been submitted in the court of Additional district and session Judge Kharian on August, 15 2008. During the proceedings, the prosecution lawyers Baqar Ali Naqvi, Ali Ashtar Naqvi and Arshad Javed Chugtai pleaded that arrest warrants for Shahbaz be issued and in case of non-appearance, he should be declared a ‘proclaimed offender’ and to then bring charges against him under the provisions of Criminal Procedure Code.

According to details, a woman named Tahira Naheed Tabbasum was murdered on June 19, 2008 in village Jura, Kharyan, District Gujrat. Tahira was born and brought up in Denmark. She had relatives in Jura village, and in line with the customs of the family and in obedience to her father, she agreed to marry within her relatives. She came to Pakistan ten years back to contract marriage with Shahbaz Ahmad, and then returned to Denmark. She sponsored and brought her husband to Denmark within two years of their marriage.

The couple had two daughters and a son. The son died in childhood. The age of the daughters now is 8 and 6 years.

Shaheed Bibi Tahira Naheed Tabbasum had life insurance in Denmark, and also owned property in both countries. It appears that her husband brought her to village Jura in Pakistan for the purpose of usurping her property but on the pretext of acquiring an ‘Islamic education for the girls’. As well, sources believe, he was interested in marrying another woman in Denmark, and wanted to get the first wife out of his way.

He came to Pakistan in the month of April, took into confidence his father Bashir Ahmad and brothers Faisal Bashir, Sheraz Bashir and Muhammad Nawaz, and offered them a share in her property in exchange for their help in killing her. After that, the husband went back to Denmark to prove his non-involvement with the planned murder of his wife. However, he was constantly in communication with his father and brothers over the phone.

On the fateful night of June 19, 2008, Shahbaz’s father and brothers entered the room of Shaheed Bibi Tahira Naheed Tabbasum and opened fire at her, killing her instantly.

On October 15, 2008, the trial court after recording the statement of the process server, declared Shahbaz a proclaimed offender. His everlasting warrants were issued with the directions to the SHO concerned to put the name of the culprit in POs’ list. The court also ruled that he is preceded under section 512 CrPC and the evidence recorded in his absence would be used against him as per law, whenever the PO accused would be arrested.

It is to be noted here that Shahbaz is the person who masterminded the murder of his wife to grab her property. In this connection, the Interpol and the Nordic Police Liaison office, Islamabad is constantly contacting Gujrat DPO Tahir Alam to issue them the prescribed form in compliance with the court order, so that International Red Notice could be issued against the culprit to bring him in the custody of the local police.

Ferhan Mazher
Chairman (Rays of Development Organization, Sargodha, Pakistan)