Send An Appeal Letter: Support Shaheed Women Buried Alive in Balochistan

Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has evolved a great system of sending appeal letters to Pakistan and UN authorities to assure that the systems and individuals involved in this crime are brought to scrutiny and justice. This is the link to it:
Send An Appeal Letter

For more information and links on the case:
‘Violence Against Women’? No! GENDER-CIDE in Pakistan!

We must send letters to build strength for movements for human rights, democracy and equality in Pakistan.

Please Keep sending these letters even if the email boxes of Pakistan Government officials are full, and your emails are returning toyou. The action in itself records the support needed, and sends it to a UN Reporteur.

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‘Violence Against Women’? No! GENDER-CIDE in Pakistan!
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  1. I fully support your action, as the editor of and long time activist for peace, justice and fair treatment for all person especially women, I am going to publicise your action.
    Please keep me informed !


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