Shaheed Bibi Komal: Man kills sister for ‘honour’

Shaheed Bibi Komal: Shahdara

Staff Report

LAHORE: A man killed his 24-year-old married sister for honour in the Shahdara Town police precinct on Wednesday, the police said.

The police said Komal married Rustam three years ago. Komal allegedly had illicit relations with a neighbour, they said. On the day of the incident, Komal’s ‘lover’ was leaving after meeting her when Komal’s brother, Faisal saw them, the police added.

The police said Faisal had asked Komal to leave her ‘lover’, but she refused. Faisal flared up, pulled out a pistol and fired at her and fled. Komal died on the spot.

The police have registered a case on the complaint of Komal’s father.

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