A Minor Christian Domestic Worker Raped by Employer

By Khadijah Shah

SARGODHA, PAKISTAN: In Chak # 43 NB Sargodha, Sana Masih, an 11-year-old domestic worker at the house of Mohammad Shafeeq was held and raped by her employer of five months on September 1 that also was the first of Ramadan (Holy month of fasting for Muslims).

The employer, Mohammad Shafeeq, 60, is a retired Captain and was serving as an officer in NADRA before retiring. He is living with his wife Gulraiz Bibi, whereas all his children are settled abroad in USA.

Sana was found by the roadside the next day ‘in an unconscious and terrible state’. The neighbors recognized her and informed her family.

Support Action:
After taking Sana home, the family members had a telephonic conversation with MPA Punjab, Tahir Naveed Chaudhry (Zonal coordinator APMA), and also informed APMA Youth Coordinator Farukh Tanvir about the whole incident. Farrukh Tanvir helped the family to register a case at Satallite Town police station.

Later, Sana was taken to the DHQ Hospital where community members protested against this act of brutality. In the protest victim’s father Yaqoob Masih, Imran Gill, Rasheed Gill, Sadaqat Bhatti, Rafaqat, Arif, Farukh Tanvir (APMA Youth Coordinator), Samuel Nazir Sindhu, Sheraz Khurram Khan, Nazir Wilson, Zimran Elias, Asher Basher, Union Councilor Yousaf Chauhan and more than 100 hundred
Christians of the Noori Gate and Eid Gha Basti participated.

From there she was taken to the mini hospital in DHQ, Maula Bakhsh Hospital, where she is still under treatment.

Tahir Naveed Chaudhry MPA Punjab proclaimed that “I will appeal for this case of the innocent especially in the Punjab Assembly. We will not let any stone unturned and will punish the culprit severely which will also teach others a lesson.”

From the team of Rays of Development Organization (ROD), Chairman ROD Ferhan Mazher, Imran Mazher, Nadeem Samuel, Noman Sharjeel and I (Khadijah Shah) was present on the spot. Ferhan Mazher stated, “The innocent victim is still unconscious. Her eyes, arms and legs are swollen due to strong drugs and the abuse she bore. In Pakistan, though justice is difficult to be served and in the matter of minorities it is far more difficult. No one can provide any treatment to the patient on the ship which is about to sink. Same is the condition of Pakistani minority women.”

Shahbaz Bhatti, Chief of APMA assured that he will go beyond his powers to protect and get justice for Sana. “I will raise this issue in the National Assembly” Bhatti said.

Ferhan Mazher
Rays of Development Organization
Sargodha, Pakistan

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