Statement Against Destroying Girls Schools in NWFP: CPP

Statement of the Communist Part of Pakistan (CPP)

The bombing and burning of girls schools in NWFP is an act of violence against humanity. The targeted schools of girls are more than 160 in the Districts of Swat, Bajour, Mohmand, Dir Upper, Dir Lower and other parts of FATA and NWFP.

It is a plan to keep the female population in darkness and deprived. The female literacy rate is very low in these parts of the country and the need was to establish more (almost double) the numbers of school there for boys and girls to educate the young population of the nation.

The female literacy rate is about 22-24% in Swat, 2-3% in Bajour, 10-12% in Dir Lower and 8-10% in Dir upper. But unfortunately the education institutions and specially girls schools from primary to higher secondary level are being targeted by the militants and thousands of girls remain in homes due to the security fears and destruction of schools.

About one in four schools in Swat have been destroyed by the militants. In some areas, the small girls of primary schools are forced to wear burqa (veil). Recently the Girls High School at Ganori Village is blasted in Dir Upper. The only Girls High school in Wari Tehsil (Subdivision) of Dir Upper is burnt and
all the girls are now forced by the government to get their school leaving certificates.

Communist Party of Pakistan condemns these acts of militants to keep away the girls from education and forcing them into the age of darkness.

Communist Party of Pakistan calls upon all the parents, teachers, political and rights activists to protect the schools as some of the brilliant parents did in Swat and Dir.

CPP demands from the governmnet to provide security to schools, students and teachers.

The reconstruction of destroyed schools should be the first priority of the Government, and special programmes for the reconstruction of schools should be initiated.

Central Secretrait
Communist Party of Pakistan

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